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Total Iranian Pistachio’s crop size in 2019 approximately is expected 220,000 to 230,000 Tons, also it is assumed that blank shell would be 10-15% of total crop size. In that case if there is a more blank shell, as a result we will have lower available quantity.

It is expected that about 20% of crop would be consume in the domestic market which is around 45,000tons.

• Note: About 20,000 tons of old crop (2018) has remained from last year production.
• Experienced pistachio farmers are expecting 2020 would be highly productive crop as well.

Dried in-shell pistachio products generally are exporting in two types of naturally opened and mechanically opened. Also, Pistachio Kernels are exporting in two types of regular kernel and green peeled kernel.
The export rate of above-mentioned kernels depend on the amount of closed-shell pistachios, which is expecting to be around 25% of the total crop. If the closed-shell pistachio ratio goes higher, there would be more opportunity for producing of kernels and mechanically opened one.

In the recent past few years, Iranian orchardists have tended to produce the long type of pistachios because it has a higher harvest area to corp ratio. compared to the round and jumbo types.
As a result, the production ratio of Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari types of pistachio is higher than the average of past few years and these two items are expected to be produced 20% more this year and more in future.

In general, about


of total pistachio production of Iran is exporting to the target countries from September to late February every year.

Harvesting the green kernel pistachio has already started this year. Green kernel pistachio is producing in 5 grades based on its green color insensitivity.

2019 Pistachio Products Statistics

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