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Iranian Raisins Statistics

The approximate amount of Iran grape production comes to a total of 3,000,000 tons per year.
75 % of this amount is consumed fresh and the remaining 25 % is used to produce raisins.

In order to produce 1 kg raisins, 3 to 4 kg of grapes are required. This ratio depends on the percentage of sugar content in the harvested grapes which increases as the grape maturity advances. As a result, every 4 kg of grapes harvested on September 10th yield 1 kg raisins while for the grapes harvested on September 20th only 3.5 kg of grapes is enough to yield the same amount of raisins.


20 to 25 %

of bulk raisins’ volume is waste. This ratio changes with quality of the raisins. Clearly as the product quality decreases the waste percentage goes higher and final product amount decreases.

The total estimated amount of raisin products in the upcoming year is 180,000 to 200,000 tons. Which is equal to 150,000 tons of final product (minus waste).

Estimated Production Amount of

Different Types of Raisins:

Sultana raisins
130.000 tons

Kashmiri (long) gold
raisins 10,000 tons

Normal golden raisins
30,000 tons

Sun-Dried raisins
10,000 tons

Kashmari (long) green
raisins 12,000 tons

The amount of raisins remaining from last year is 20,000 tons.
20% of the total raisin production equal to 35,000 tons goes to domestic consumption.
75 % of the total raisin production equal to 115,000 tons is exported abroad.

The major consumption of raisin products in target countries is in January and about 60 % of raisin is exported from mid-September till the end of February.

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2019 Raisins Products Report

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