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In 2020, the total production of
pistachios in Iran approximately is
expected to be between 180,000
and 190,000 tons.
Considering 2019, when the total
production of Iran was 205,000
tons, this year we are facing a 10%
decrease in production compared to
the previous year, but considering
the remaining product from 2019,
which is expected to be about
35,000 to 40,000 tons, the total
amount of remaining product from
2019 and next year will be about
220,000 tons.

In some areas, in mid-August,
excessive heat caused the pistachios
to not develop fully, which caused
the percentage of closed-shell
pistachios and pistachio blanks to
be higher than standard amount.

Kerman Pistachio


If we look at the pistachio harvest
statistics divided by region, about
55% of pistachios are produced in
Kerman province, 22% in South Khorasan and Razavi Khorasan and the remaining
23% in other provinces of Iran.

Due to the formation of new
orchards and the young trees that
are going to set fruit, we are expecting to see a growth in pistachio production amount in Iran, in the upcoming years. We are expecting to face a 20 % increase in production amount, in 2021, if there is no particular problem in weather condition.

Pistachio harvest is underway in
Khorasan and Damghan region and
will be ended by the end of
Green (Kal) pistachio harvest will be
ended by September 20th in
Kerman province.
Also, in-shell (in-skin) pistachio harvesting
will be started in mid-September in
Kerman province and continue until
the end of September.
This year’s harvest is one week
earlier than last year.

Kal pistachio and in-shell pistachio

In general, Iranian pistachios are
divided into four main types:
1.Super Long (Akbari)
2. Long (Ahmad Aghaei)
3. Jumbo (Kaleghoochi)
4. Round (Fandoghi)
– In the Super Long (Akbari) type,
we are facing a 75% decrease
compared to the previous year.
– In the long type (Ahmad Aghaei),
the production amount is estimated
to be the same as last year.
– In the Jumbo (Kaleghoochi) type
we are facing a production growth
of 80% compared to last year, also
we are expecting this type of
product to be smaller than ever
due to high temperature and high
amount of crop.
– In the round (Fandoghi) type, the
production amount will be equal to
the previous year.

In 2020, Corona virus caused a
significant reduction in the
consumption of nuts throughout
the world.
Pistachio also faced price drop f
ollowing the reduction in
consumption, but the price drop
has driven lower classes of society
to consume pistachio and this has
made a new balance between
supply and demand and they have
found their way to balance

Covid-19 and pistachio

2020 Pistachio Products Statistics

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