Who We Are

Ratin Khosh (KHOSHBIN GROUP) is an international food ingredient company with approximately three decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying nuts & dried fruits ingredients.

We operate in several different countries (including China, Australia, Dubai, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Italy), providing premium quality nuts, dried fruits, snacks, bakery/confectionery ingredients, and exporting them to 68 countries around the world.

We have several teams of creative and innovative people who want nothing but to make the world a better place for everyone. As we believe in “one apple a day keeps the doctor away”, we advocate the notion that a small portion of natural nuts and dried fruits will have a significant effect on your health and well-being.

We are also Nuts about our clients! Every morning, we start the day thinking about how this will make a difference in our clients’ businesses and life. As the first chain of events, we believe our teamwork spirituality has a trickle-down effect on our customers.

We swear by sincerity and hardworking. We genuinely believe if you love doing what you do and show it in action, you will change not only yourself but also the world at large.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

We now operate in five different continents, selling to hundreds of clients in 68 countries. But there was a time when we had zero customers.

Ratin Khosh Co. was born 30 years ago in the mind of its founder Mr. Saeed Khoshbin who loved challenges more than anything else. At first, it was just a passion, a sheer curiosity, in the mind of a brilliant young man who gave up his job as a bank manager because he wanted to do more with his life.

Mr. Khoshbin took up the slack from his uncle, a prosperous merchant, and a risk-taker, who also wanted to do more with his life.

Mr. Khoshbin had his foot in the door by packaging food ingredients, primarily pulses, as a joint venture with his uncle.

“We sought the best quality raw materials, and cleaned them,” he says. “We wanted it to be clean, …to be reliable… to be unique.”

Unfortunately, like any other entrepreneur, extraneous factors failed him a couple of times. Failed him to the point of breaking down.

To his bad luck, most failures were because of the unstable economy not because of his mistakes. For example, at some point, the government decided to ban the export of pulses and nuts and left him with a large inventory he couldn’t unload.

The inventory belonged to a Turkish buyer who couldn’t (as the result of the new policies) get his goods past the Border Custom.

Mr. Khoshbin took good care of the goods, in his own warehouse, as if they were his own goods, for 8 months. After 8 months they could release the cargo (as new laws came to effect).

Or the other time, they put a hefty tariff on the exported goods. These obstacles were beyond the control of a growing businessman who barely had the budget to support his business or even family.

“What does not kill you makes you stronger”, he says.

Luck only comes to people who have a ready mind 

Because of his trustworthiness and consciousness along with adaptability, Mr. khoshbin’s reputation moved ahead of him to other countries and made him customers without even meeting them.

But each time a new act or even sanction wrecked his business. But as most people say, “failing at something does not make you a failure, you are only a failure when you stop.”

Despite all the stumbling blocks of that time, Mr. khoshbin kept his ideal picture alive in his mind. He knew that someone out there still needed his services and believed in him, and that kept him on track.

Things were just good enough to get by until a few foreign merchants asked for someone who was the best at sourcing, cleaning, and packaging food ingredients, had a good knowledge of the farms and regions, and to be approved by officials in the chamber of commerce.

“They were referred to me”, he says.

Finally, things are looking up. It seemed it was time for Mr. Khoshbin to reap the reward of his hard work. All his efforts and trust in God was going to eventually pay off at once.

Humbly he attributes his success to God’s grace: “I was truly lucky to meet the right people at the right time….I loved my job, and now I enjoyed it…”

The sky is the limit

Later the company decided to add more products to its menu, more tree nuts, dried fruits, and dates, and go universal.

Mr. khoshbin got a few more people on board, hence the name Khoshbin Group co., with the mission to bring the goodness in dried foods and nuts into people’s awareness.

You see, our company grew naturally like a pistachio tree 😊. There is no better way to grow than provide services.

After three decades, we see ourselves as torchbearers of the world in the business of safe, healthy, natural food ingredients. And we never rest to be the best.

With hindside, there was a couple of traits that helped Mr. Khoshbin survive the first few years:

  • Clarity of vision: knowing what one wants
  • Falling in love with occupation even before entering it
  • Knowledge of the product: where it comes, types, and specifics
  • Knowledge of the region and the farms
  • Networking with the right individuals
  • No pushing it: things come to pass with putting pressure on people
  • Derive: giving the best of himself
  • Persistency: never-giving-up attitude
  • Trustworthiness: “being relied on” rather than “rely on”
  • Using cutting edge technology: never should be ignored
  • Win-Win relationship with clients
  • Leading instead of bossing

Our policy

From its very beginning Ratin Khosh (KHOSHBIN GROUP) has been committed to the following goals:

  • Customize the products, services to meet the needs and wants of customers.
  • Establishing a long-term business relationship with our clients by providing them with high-quality products.
  • Placing customer satisfaction at the core of each business decision.
  • Management and employees align their individual and team objectives around satisfying, loyalty, and retaining customers.
  • Running global standards as a systematic preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes.

Our vision

We are “Khoshbin”, which literary means “optimist”. So, we are optimistic about the future. We intend to be a reliable partner in innovating and introducing nutritious, safe, natural, healthy, and tasty food ingredients to our clients, and their local markets around the world.

Our mission

Our mission is to get people’s attention towards what they eat. We aim to do this by raising awareness and encouraging people to include our safe, healthy, natural nuts, dried fruits, and ingredients in their daily diets. We have hygienic environments, training skilled workers, quality assurance, and we manufacture and supply healthy and high-quality food products.

As it is not a one-man job, we actively welcome global partners and businesses to help further distribute and deliver our products to consumers.