11 Best Date Syrup Recipes You Should Try

11 Best Date Syrup Recipes

The question we often get on our website or through our business partners is this: How to use date syrup? First of all, it is a date ingredient with the same qualities. There are countless ways to put this natural vegan sweetener to use. You can apply it as a general healthy substitute for white or brown sugar and honey, or as a natural flavoring additive to snacks, beverages, confectionery and baked goods, foods and desserts. 
In these 11 date syrup recipe ideas we have listed here, date syrup is used as a sweetener, flavoring and coloring agent. Regardless of how you apply it, date syrup still has various benefits and uses.

1. Ice Cream with Date Syrup Recipe

Perhaps the most popular date syrup usage is to drizzle it over ice cream. It is true for both vegan and regular diets, and for both consumers and vendors who sell date ice cream in the way of providing value for their customers. 

Ice cream with date syrup carries the standard benefits of taste and convenience with an increased appeal to lifestyle and wellbeing. 

The point is that date syrup replaces sugar in the recipe. It gives the ice cream a creamy texture and a rich taste and a delightful afternoon favorite for you.

You can work the syrup into the base, which creates a light brown appeal in the ice cream. The date syrup thickens the ice cream texture while adding a natural flavor to it. This means less sugar and no funky additives, thickeners, or preservatives. You can also drizzle date syrup over the ice cream before handing it over to the customer. 
We are used to seeing date syrup brown. But date syrups are not all brown. The color may range from dark brown to light brown depending on the various types of dates we use. This color diversity is an added benefit of date syrup.

Vegan French Vanilla Ice Cream with Date Syrup
Vegan French Vanilla Ice Cream with Date Syrup

2. Vegan Date Syrup Shake Recipe

This date syrup shake is naturally sweet from the date syrup, super filling, and packed with protein and fiber. One popular version of this recipe, Date Tahini Shake, also tastes rich and satisfying, and you can count on its wholesomeness. Another recipe uses a combination of cocoa powder, date syrup, and coconut yogurt. It makes a great chocolate fix without the guilt, an ice cream without dairy. 

The picture shows a vegan date syrup shake.
Vegan date syrup shake

3. Date Syrup BBQ Chicken Recipe

This date syrup recipe proves that natural sweeteners are not just for sweet treats. It is the most common use of date syrup outside confectionery and bakery where the syrup pairs beautifully with the chicken pieces. Date syrup chicken thighs are very tasty!  

The key to ensuring BBQ sauce sticks to the chicken is applying the sauce at the end of the cooking process. This allows the sauce to caramelize and form a sticky coating that adheres to the chicken. 

Baste the chicken with BBQ mixture or just pour the BBQ mixture over the chicken. After the chicken is done cooking, broil (grill) the chicken at a low temperature for about 5 minutes just to caramelize it a bit more.

The picture shows date syrup BBQ chicken from a date syrup recipe.
date syrup BBQ chicken

4. Vegan cacao mousse using date syrup recipe

This recipe creates a smooth, rich, decadent mousse sweetened with date syrup. It is so smooth and chocolatey that some may even call it healthy chocolate mousse. 

The more common version of this recipe uses date syrup, cocoa powder and coconut cream for a smooth texture. You may need to place cans of coconut cream in the fridge the night before to chill overnight.  The chilling causes the cream to be separated from the water. This makes it easier for you to just scoop out the cream from the top of the can, leaving the watery part behind.

The picture shows vegan cacao mousse with date syrup.
Vegan cacao mousse with date syrup

5. Brownie Protein Balls with Date Syrup Recipe

Date protein balls are the most common use of date ingredients in the confectionery and baked sectors. These vegan chocolate brownie protein balls with date syrup are super easy to make, and they are such a delicious and healthy snack option. Even kids like them. And you have a wide range of ingredients to choose from for this recipe including nuts and seeds.

Brownie protein balls use date syrup to replace white sugar, but you might as well use date paste for a better consistency. Date paste helps with keeping the ingredients together, while date syrup adds natural sweetness to the mix.

The picture shows brownie protein balls.
Brownie Protein Balls

6. Apple and Pumpkin Cookies Recipe

Apple and pumpkin cookies are often called breakfast cookies. They are a great way to start your day. These cookies are packed with flavor and nutritious-dense ingredients from oats, whole grains, nuts, date syrup and fruits. Everyone loves them!

Apple and pumpkin cookies have a soft and chewy consistency (from raisins) sweetened with date syrup. You can pair the spiced pumpkin flavor with other fruits such as fresh apples to create an incredible mix. 

The picture shows date syrup, apple and pumpkin cookies
Apple and pumpkin cookies with date syrup

7. Vegan Breakfast Nut Bars with Date Syrup Recipe

The no-bake vegan breakfast nut bars with date syrup are loaded with antioxidants, fiber, minerals and protein. They pack a punch of energy and are great as a convenient quick breakfast or energy-booster snack. 
Two types of ingredients are used in vegan breakfast nut bars: There are dried ingredients and there wet ingredients. Dried ingredients may include a mixture of chopped nuts and seeds, dried fruits, dried coconut, whole oats and linseed flour. Wet ingredients may include water, oil, butter and date syrup. As you have guessed, date syrup sweetens the bars instead of sugar. Date syrup also helps with holding the ingredients together by substituting honey.

The picture shows a vegan breakfast nut slab.
Brownie Protein Balls

8. Asian Style Tofu Salad With Date Syrup

This Asian style tofu salad with date syrup constitutes a salad and dressing, and takes around an hour to complete. It is a truly unique, healthy and delicious salad with the flavor mix of all the vegetables and a hint of soy sauce, garlic, dates syrup, and the interesting texture and taste of tofu. 

This salad is easy to make, and can be enjoyed by anyone any time. Date syrup’s sweetness regulates the savory taste from other ingredients.

The picture shows an Asian-style tofu salad from a date syrup recipe.
Asian style tofu salad with date syrup

9. Chocolate Granola with Date Syrup

The chocolate granola recipe is super easy, taking only an hour to complete. It creates a healthy, delicious snack for everyone. In this granola, date syrup and chocolate co-sweeten the mixture. Date syrup also helps with holding the ingredients, which include rolled oats, whole almonds, raw pumpkin seeds and milk chocolate chips. 

Nut bars recipe and chocolate granola recipe have a lot in common. They share many of the weather and dried ingredients. The only difference is the presence of chocolate in chocolate granola recipe.

When considering sweetening options for the chocolate granola recipe, you have the choice between maple syrup and date syrup, among others. However, in this head-to-head competition of maple syrup vs. date syrup, the latter emerges as the clear winner for various reasons. Date syrup offers a natural and nutrient-rich sweetness, packed with essential elements like potassium, magnesium, and fiber, making it a healthier choice. Its unique caramel-like flavor perfectly complements the granola’s ingredients, enhancing the overall taste. Additionally, the thick consistency of date syrup plays a vital role in binding the granola together, creating a delightful and satisfying texture. Notably, date syrup boasts a lower glycemic index and potential environmental benefits, making it the optimal sweetener to elevate the chocolate granola’s deliciousness while maintaining a healthier and more sustainable approach.

The picture shows chocolate granola made with a date paste recipe.
Chocolate granola with date syrup

10. Low Carb Almond Bread with date syrup

This low-carb almond bread recipe suits everyone looking for something healthy, especially those who care about their carb intake. This bread does not taste eggy at all. A variation of this recipe  creates an almond Keto-friendly bread which is also gluten-free and low in carbs. You can use this bread as sandwich bread in lunch bags. Date syrup regulates the nutty taste of the bread to create a slightly sweet flavor.

11 Best Date Syrup Recipes You Should Try | date syrup recipe
low carb almond bread with date syrup

11. Eggs with Date Syrup for Breakfast

This simple eggs with date syrup recipe uses date syrup and eggs as the main ingredients. It takes only a few minutes to complete, and combines the rich nutrition of both ingredients. Date syrup gives the pancake a slight sweet taste and a brown glaze. Cook one side. Then flip and cook the other side. 

The picture shows eggs omelet with date syrup
Eggs with date syrup


There are lots of beautiful ideas to make healthy foods and desserts with date syrup. Here we introduced some easy-to-make and delicious date syrup recipes to get you started. The point is that date syrup can go well with many foods and desserts, from something as easy as ice cream to grilled chicken.

Have you tried any of these recipes?
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