Date sugar vs Sugar : Which One Wins?

Date sugar vs Sugar : Which One Wins? | Date sugar vs Sugar

In recent years date sugar (also known as date powder) has become a staple along with other date ingredients. You can use it as a sugar substitute in many recipes from confectionery and baked goods to chocolates and snacks. By definition, date sugar is not even sugar; it is simply ground dried dates. But it is similar in texture to artificial white or brown sugar obtained from sugarcane or plant sap. In this article we compare the benefits and uses of date sugar vs sugar; how they are made and why it is best to use date sugar instead of the artificial one. 

How Date Sugar Is Made?

Date sugar is a natural and direct byproduct of date fruit. It is not sugar extracted from dates. It is simply ground-up date in powder form; no refinement or chemical processing is used in its production. Dried dates are sorted, washed, dried, peeled and ground into a fine powder, but not the kind of powder that makes up white or brown sugar. Date fruits need to be pitted or have their stones removed before they are put into the grinding machine.

📌 Date sugar is also different from brown date powder made from date stones. It is a distinct product from granulated brown sugar.

Date sugar vs Sugar : Which One Wins? | Date sugar vs Sugar

Advantages of Date Sugar vs Sugar 

Sugar is made of purified fructose in a concentrated form while date powder is 100% pure collection of date particles bits containing natural sweeteners. As mentioned earlier, date powder is date in its entirety in powder form. And unlike refined sugar, it is not white even though they are texturally the same. Beyond their texture, they are two different products with different nutritional and functional benefits. In fact, there are many advantages of using date ingredients in confectionery and baked goods over sugar. Here, we discuss why date sugar vs sugar tips in favor of the date ingredient.

Less processed Low GI Sweetener

As discussed earlier, date sugar is not subject to chemical refinement in the same way white or brown sugar are treated. This means all the goodness of dates are retained in date sugar vs sugar which has only carbohydrates.

A whole Antioxidant full of fiber 

Antioxidants and fiber are plentiful in date sugar vs sugar. The way date powder is produced ensures that these two important food elements are maintained. There is no fiber or antioxidants present in refined sugar. Antioxidants act like protectors of cells and organs in the body. Fiber helps with food digestion. It also benefits the gut microorganisms known as Probiotics.

Rich Source of Minerals

All date minerals are retained in date sugar vs sugar which contains absolute zero vitamins and minerals. These include a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as iron, potassium, B vitamins, copper, and magnesium.

Health benefits of date sugar

Date powder health benefits are rooted in its rich nutrient contents. A few examples of its benefits to the body other than boosting energy level include improving overall physical health, promoting brain health, and promoting natural labor. Date powder is cholesterol-free like all plant foods and replacing it in your diet for animal-based foods may help keep your arteries clear. 

Dates in general are among the safest foods to consume. They do not cause allergic reactions in the body unlike honey. And their consumption improves the general energy of the body over a longer period . This attribute puts date powder in a better position against similar products to substitute sugar in, for example, sports snacks. Many tend to believe that date powder is the best sugar substitute around.

Date Sugar And Extreme Diets

Date powder has fewer carbohydrates and calories than refined sugar. Dates by definition are low GI foods as they digest very slowly in the body. It means they do not cause blood sugar spikes after consumption. This date powder attribute benefits people suffering from diabetes who have a very low tolerance for glucose spikes. Date powder is also gluten-free, making it a nicer fit to consumers who are allergic to this protein. It also fits extreme diets such as vegan, as it is totally plant-based and natural.

How date powder affects food structure and appeal

Beyond the nutritional benefits you receive from date sugar vs sugar is how the food structure and texture is affected by dates. There are not many inputs on how date powder may affect the texture of the foods it is used in on the web. But it’s applicable where we normally use refined sugar.  

The main purpose of using sugar is to add sweetness. Although date sugar is made from unrefined dates (with all the fruit’s vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber), its sweetening power is comparable to that of refined sugar. You can swap it one-for-one date sugar vs sugar, and it works wonderfully in many recipes. For example, replacing brown sugar in recipes, such as banana bread and bar cookies, or sprinkling some on yogurt or fruit are pretty common.

Date powder is made from whole dates so there are always tiny fibrous bits left behind. Its unique texture very well compliments the taste and texture of foods, such as whole grains. And as dates are sticky in nature, their addition strengthens and stabilizes foods. Date paste works best in protein bars for keeping ingredients together, and we assume date powder will create a similar effect.

Date powder doesn’t melt or dissolve completely in hot liquids unlike sugar. In addition, It has a date-like taste profile which may relatively limit its use in some recipes. For example, it may give a date-like taste to your tea.


In this article, we discussed advantages and healthy attributes of date sugar vs sugar (brown and white). Date powder is made from unrefined dates and contains a lot of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Sugar on the other hand is only carbohydrates. 

You gain a lot by replacing date sugar for the other one.  

Let us know if you have used date power in your recipes. Write in the comment section.


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  1. Autumn Outland says:

    Thank you for your article. I eliminated sugar from my coffee and I find drinking it black is a chore. I picked up the date sugar at a local store before doing any research until this morning. I enjoy the taste and I love what you’ve written. You’re a great writer. I feel like I added a multivitamin to my coffee!

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