Date Syrup Benefits for Producers and Consumers

Date Syrup Benefits and Uses

To those consumers who look for a healthy sugar substitute why not offer date syrup? Date syrup benefits them in many good ways as it contains all the goodness of dates. 
You may be asking, “It is just dates, after all. So, why not just sell dates and save myself from the trouble?”  

You will get your answer in this short post. 

What Is Date Syrup?

Date syrup is a brown sticky nectar made by finely grinding pitted dates in a high-speed processor. It is often used as a sugar substitute and flavoring agent in the food industry. It lends itself well to semi-liquid products such as ice cream, to liquid products such as tea, and to non-liquid products such as cakes and cookies.

date syrup benefits
Date syrup has a smooth texture.

How date syrup is produced?

After grinding pitted dates to smooth fluid, the mixture  is refined a couple of times to filter out fruit debris or pulp. 

Despite what some manufacturers say, date syrup is not fruit juice. It is not fruit concentrate either. It is the fruit itself. Let me explain.

To make fruit concentrate, you take the fruit juice and boil it down until most of the water has evaporated. 
With date syrup, the  whole dates themselves naturally turn into nectar, or syrup, rather than a fluid coming out and separating itself from the fruit.


Date syrup in bulk

date syrup

Date Syrup Benefits for Vendors

Date syrup health benefits shared with other date products are discussed in a Simple But Complete Guide About Dates. How do those benefits translate into financial benefits?

  • You can get a “tax cut” by reducing sugar consumption.
  • Date syrup can easily substitute artificial sweeteners (white and brown) and honey. So you make life much easier for those customers who avoid sugar or are allergic to honey.
  • It can substitute artificial colorants to create a brown look. 
  • Your customers will appreciate the fact that date syrup is naturally nutritious with a low glycemic index.
  • Date syrup is amply supplied year round. 

Who might use date syrup 


Date syrup is a safe choice for people suffering from diabetes. It has natural sugar. It doesn’t spike the blood sugar levels as much as artificial sugar does.  However, even though dates have a low GI, you may need to warn your customers of the negative impacts of overeating date syrup on health.

It is a preferred ingredient for customers with different diets, such as DASH, vegan and paleo diets. For example, date syrup provides the essential amino acids vegetarians and vegans may not be able to get with a regular meatless diet.

DASH, Vegan and Paleo diets

Similar To Honey In Texture

Date syrup is similar to honey in texture. So, it can be used as a substitute for honey, too.  Date syrup can make a natural alternative to artificial sugar (white or brown) in cakes and desserts.
Date syrup can be served plain as spread on toast and bread. Some customers like to enjoy this delicious syrup at breakfast.

Make unique sauces with this product for customers who  enjoy sweet flavors.

It is also served as a delightful dressing over ice creams or applied  as a flavoring agent and sugar replacement to ice cream base. Read this article to find more about Advantages Of Ice Cream With Date Syrup for ice cream makers.

Dressing Over Ice Creams

How to apply date syrup to foods?

Date syrup is made ready-to-use. It requires no further processing. Depending on your business, you may apply it before, during or after cooking. Or you may mix it with other ingredients. Below are just a few examples (For more examples, follow our 11 best date syrup recipes);

  • 📌 Apply date syrup directly to the ice cream or gelato base. The amount of date syrup you use depends on the intensity of color and flavor you like to create in your products.
  • 📌 For cakes and cookies blend the date syrup in the dough.
  • 📌 For date syrup BBQ chicken, baste the chicken with date syrup BBQ mixture about 10 minutes into baking.


We discussed date syrup benefits and uses here.  Although making date syrup at home is so easy, it’s easier to find pre-made products on the market. But make sure to check the ingredients to avoid buying products that have additives, such as sugar, oil, or any artificial color.

It is still possible to use dates instead of date syrup for the purposes mentioned above.  They provide the same nutrients and flavor, but the results may not be the same.

Have you ever used date syrup in your products? What did your customers say? 

Please  write about your experiences in the comment section below.


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