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How different industries use dates in their products?

How different industries use dates in their products?

Ratinkhosh R&D Team

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High consumption of sugar worldwide has caused various diseases in human societies, but since it is not possible to eliminate sweets and sweet foods from the diet, consumers tend to use more products with natural sweeteners. as a result, food industry owners are trying to use natural sugar and reduce sugar consumption. This is why dates are getting super trendy. They are sweet, healthy and full of nutrition, and can be consumed in many different ways.

Before jumping into dates application in different industries and consumers’ life, let us introduce you with a brief history of dates. This can give you a wider POV on the topic but you can also go directly to the applications of dates section if you like.

The date is the sweet and tasty fruit of the palm tree that goes back to seven thousand years before Christ. Historians believe that they are originated in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq or Mesopotamia. However, its exact location is unclear. The palm tree has a high value in hot and dry areas and is referred to as the “Tree of Life”. Palm is highly resistant to dehydration and warm weather, and some believe that living in these areas would be impossible without it.

In this article, we are going to share the different applications of dates with you.

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What do we have here?

  • Dates applications

  • Date fruit

  • Palm tree

  • Core (pit)

  • The use of Dates in different industries

  • Products from dates

  • Date honey

  • Date liquid sugar

  • Date syrup

  • Date paste

  • Date vinegar

  • Conclusion



Dates applications

Dates are somehow underrated because they can be used in many different ways other than just as snacks. No matter who you are, a company or a consumer, you can always find these applications useful. So, here they are:

Dates applications

Date Fruit: so, what exactly is date fruit? The date is the fruit of the date palm which has a high nutritional value and sugar content. Due to its high nutritional value and sugar content (about 70%), dates are widely used in the food industry.

To give you an overall insight, we have listed some of its most common applications in the food industry:

Various uses of dates in the industry include date juice, date nectar (date honey), liquid sugar, date vinegar, alcohol, beverage extract, date clove, date halva, date chocolate chip, simple date chips, date flavored chips, date lavash, date Chocolate, solid date chocolate, sauces, pastes, pickles, compotes, marmalades, jams and animal feed.

Palm tree

Palm tree: Apart from the fruit of the palm tree, its other components can be used for other purposes. Leaves and tree branches are used to produce baskets, bags, baskets, and small decorative items.


Core: And from its core, activated carbon oil, lauryl alcohol, surface-active ingredients, palm kernel ointment (for eyelash growth) and its waste in animal feed and poultry, and palm leaf in the manufacture of various textured dishes, mat and trunk, and wood.

In the desert, the cores are dried and floured and then used to make bread or soak it for camel food. Others also roast the kernel and make it coffee – a delicious, great coffee.

The use of Dates in different industries

The use of Dates in different industries

Dates play an essential role as a foodstuff in times of crisis, such as floods, earthquakes, war, and droughts, as well as being the staple food of the poor in deprived areas, and especially in Third World countries facing problems of malnutrition and hunger.

In addition to the above, due to its unique characteristics such as resistance to drought and dehydration, tolerance of poor water and soil conditions, the date is one of the few plant species that has been able to extend and resettle humans in the warm and humid lands of the ancient world.


Products from date:

Date Honey

  • Date Honey:

What is date honey? Date honey is a refined extract of date syrup, which is bleached and its mineral salts are extracted and formulated as a honey-like concentrate. “Date Honey” contains all nutrition of dates and as sweet as a cup of sugar but way healthier. This is why it is used in the beverage, chocolate, ice cream, marmalade, and candy industries as well as in confectionery as a substitutive of white sugar.

Date Liquid Sugar

  • Date Liquid Sugar:

What is Date Liquid Sugar? as what it may sound like, it is a more concentrated form of dates in the shape of sugar, but a liquid sugar that looks like date syrup but with more sugar content. In this product, all non-sugary compounds such as protein, fiber, and dye are extracted from the date extract. This product is produced by a machine used for making honey. It only has fewer brix than honey.

Date liquid sugar can be used as a substitute for sugar and other sweeteners in different beverages and cakes. They can be packed in small one-person packages and be served instead of sugar in coffee shops and restaurants.

Date Syrup

  • Date Syrup:

Date syrup is a concentrated liquid obtained by dissolving date juice in water. It has all the properties of dates and has many uses and is available in two types of thick and thin.

This product is considered to be a healthier sweetener with more minerals such as potassium than sugar and has less effect on disturbing blood sugar balance. It is used for the production of pastries and biscuits and instead of artificial sweeteners in the food industry. They can be a wonderful ingredient for different dishes in restaurants and bakeries and can also be used as a natural sweetener for coffees or beverages provided by airports and other public places in small packages.


date paste

  • Date paste:

What is Date paste? Date paste is a smooth, delicious dough made of dates. For producing date pastes they follow these steps: the inhaled dates, which are contained in 20-kg plastics, are shredded into a tank containing a spiral rod and are completely pulverized; They then enter the core separator machine that removes the kernels from the date paste. Date paste is used in biscuits, cakes, and pastries.

Date vinegar


  • Date vinegar:

Dates can be used for obtaining a great vinegar with a great sweet taste. This vinegar has a sweet-savory taste and can be used as a dressing or ingredient in different dishes.



There are a lot of ways to include dates in your industry or even daily life. These sweet natural treats are much healthier than any artificial sweetener or even sugar itself! This is why these days dates are being used in many different food industries and recipes.


How different industries use dates in their products?

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