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10 Innovative Food Products We Loved at ANUGA 2019

As a result of shift in the global economy and markets, predicting the future of food has been difficult. However, several trends are likely to have an impact on what and how people eat in the coming years.

Having scrutinized the innovations presented at this year’s Anuga fair, our team has selected 10 innovative products they tried and loved the most, some of which received Anuga’s Innovation Award 2019.

Anuga is a place where 7,590 exhibitors in food industry from 200 different countries around the world exhibit their newest innovations depicting future food trends.

The first Anuga fair, organized by Germany’s specialist food retailers, took place in Stuttgart, Germany, and featured approximately 200 mostly Germany-based exhibitors. This year’s F&B trade fair takes place in Cologne from October 5-9. The Anuga food fair celebrates its 100th anniversary this year as well.

The fair is segmented into 10 themed areas, each representing a different facet of food and beverage: 1) Bread & Bakery, 2) Chilled & Fresh Food, 3) Culinary Concepts, 4) Dairy, 5) Drinks, 6) Fine Food, 7) Frozen Food, 8) Meat, 9) Hot Beverages, and 10) Organic.

Exhibitors at Anuga 2019 present their latest innovations that speak to food trends of the present and future, ranging from ingredients to gastronomy equipment and technology.

As reviewed in two recently published articles titled “Flavor Trends” and ” Sustainable Living” on Ratin Khosh’s website, food industry is heading to a healthier, more digitalized and sustainable future. These 10 are fine examples of the ideas bearing concepts of sustainability, technology and wellbeing:



The first collagen bar on the market that combines a delicate taste with scientifically proven functionality. It provides unique bioactive properties and functional benefits not found in other protein bars.

Peptan®, a clinically studied, hydrolysed bovine collagen keeps your joints healthy, your skin glowing, your hair thick, and your nails strong. The Collagen+ protein bar was designed as an everyday snack to satisfy your taste buds as well as your abs and to provide a healthy boost of energy.


Detox Mix Almaverde Bio

The Detox Mix is a 30 g snack composed of almonds, cranberries, and cashew nuts, and is therefore an important source of vitamin E. Thanks to its practical go-bag you can take it with you wherever you go.

Almaverde Bio from Italy received the Anuga’s Innovation Award 2019 for its new organic Detox Mix.


Plant-Based Burger

Jan Zandbergen BV from Netherlands introduced PLANTY-OF-BURGER, a 100 % vegan burger. It tastes just like a good burger should taste, and it looks like a perfectly grilled burger should look! The bite of the premium PLANTY-OF-BURGER ‚SUNNY-CUT‘ product is particularly juicy thanks to its high-quality vegetable proteins. It is also 100 % allergen-free. Perfectly seasoned and combined with coconut fat and beetroot, each burger is an absolute taste and visual delight. The hissing of the ‚meat‘ while frying and the ‚blood‘ that comes out when it is finished makes this product outstandingly unique!


Vegan Shrimps

Vegefarm Corp. invented a gluten-free product, that does not only look like shrimp, but also uses konjac to simulate the texture and therefore tastes like the real shrimp.


Home Compostable Cellulose Packaging for Cheese

Albert Herz GmbH offers a sustainable cheese packaging in Anuga 2019. It is compostable in bioactive environments. It can also decompose in the sea! This unique composite consists of cellulose and maize. The raw material cellulose comes from FSC-certified European forests, and the raw material maize is cultivated in Europe without genetic engineering



“UNSER PURES” 300g is the bread revolution of a Germany-based company named Mestemacher. Baked without flour and yeast, this product contains high-quality and carefully selected ingredients. Oilseeds provide essential omega-3 fatty acids. Legumes are sources of plant-based proteins and high fibre.


Air up

A cutting-edge drinking technology, air up flavours pure water using only scents. Using a special technique, small scented air bubbles are added to simple tap water while drinking. Those air bubbles separate from the water as you swallow and are perceived as natural tastes – even though you are simply drinking water without any additives. With innovation of such drinking system, air up GmbH from Germany won Anuga’s Innovation Award 2019.


True Gum

Danish Company, True Gum, has invented a new type of chewing gum that only contains ingredients which are 100 % natural and come from either plants or trees. Conventional chewing gums are made from synthetic petro-chemicals (the same ingredients used to make plastic bottles and car tires), however, True Gum is sustainable, all natural, completely biodegradable and best of all, totally plastic-free.


Zeekei GmbH's Matcha Magic Caps

The Nespresso®-compatible Organic Matcha capsule is a revolution made by Zeekei GmbH from Germany . A world first Organic Matcha capsules from Japan. Shaded green tea, ground to the finest powder without any additives; a 100 % pure tea ceremony at the push of a button. The preparation is complete in seconds, resulting in a velvety matcha with a deep green colour and an emerald green, solid foam. Ideal for your home or offi ce, with no need to bother with the bamboo whisk. For a delicious matcha latte, simply add foamed milk.


Organic Coconut Aminos

Mexican Coconut Aminos is a ready to use product, designed to be used in applications where the use of soy sauce is required. It‘s a solution for people who cannot tolerate soy sauce due to an allergy or genetic condition, or people who are looking to use less products derived from GMOs.

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