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Pistachio Butter vs. Pistachio Paste

Pistachio Butter vs. Pistachio Paste

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Pistachio butter and Pistachio paste look so similar, as much as some people may say they are the same, but that is not true. They have a few small differences that may affect your decision while choosing between the pistachio paste and pistachio Butter.

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Pistachio is a perfect Nut, which is not only delicious and rich in flavor, but also high in nutrition like fiber, vitamins and minerals.  If you are wondering how to include pistachios in your everyday life, you should use their butter, paste and powder instead of just snacking on them.


  • What does pistachio butter taste like?

Pistachio butter tastes like a more compact, concentrated version of pistachio itself and is a lavish, creamy spread, much like peanut butter. Pistachio butter is made from pistachio and sometimes salt. Usually pistachio butter has the old fashion peanut butter’s consistency. They also make pistachio cream which consists of 40% pistachio butter mixed with honey and added sugar.

  • What does pistachio paste taste like?

Pistachio paste is made from 100% natural pistachios; it is less oily than pistachio butter and contains no salts, sugar or other ingredients. Pistachio paste is a smooth, creamy mixture that is made through a multi-step process, which makes it more fluid, ultra-smooth, and mixable than pistachio butter.


  • How to use pistachio butter?

The Pistachio Butters’ typical applications involve eating it spread over meals or as a dip. They are both delicious in their own ways.

  • How to use pistachio paste?

Pistachio Paste is most commonly used and very popular for its application in flavoring baked goods, ice cream, gelato, jams, pastries, cakes or in gourmet cooking. . The natural freshness is brought out more in the Pistachio Paste, which gives a rich pistachio flavor to every meal and dessert.


If you are using pistachio paste for flavoring ice cream, buttercream, or pastry filling, you should find the best one. The fact is, many so-called pistachio butters are not 100% pure pistachio. Some producers sell a “pistachio” butter manufactured from bitter almond paste combined with green food coloring. If you use this product, your desserts will have the perfect pistachio hue but lack that creamy pistachio taste. It is better to use pistachio paste, which is more pure and delicious.


Pistachio Butter vs. Pistachio Paste

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