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Purple flowered saffron

Purple flowered saffron (crocus sativus) is a beautiful plant which contains fascinating fragrance and outstanding characteristics.

This plant is a typical long genus of low herbs related to Irises (Iridaceae) family. It has brightly colored flowers born only in early spring.

It’s believed to be originated from the Mediterranean Sea region and the Middle East, Iran in particular.

This flower (herb) is native to Iran and first was discovered on the slopes of Zagros Mountains in the Median Era (559-790 BC).

Over the centuries, the distinctive properties of this plant made it the King of all Spices.

The region of Ghayen (southern part of Khorasan Province-Iran) is the best farming zone for saffron, due to its unique climate and rich soil.



Top High Quality: Very Strong in Stigmas, and highest power in coloring (260-280) Category superb.



Top High Quality: Very strong in Stigmas, and highest power in coloring (240-260) Category superb.



Top Quality: Strong in Stigmas, and higher power in coloring (230-250), with no broken

Category I in ISO 3632



Best Quality: not too strong in Stigmas but with lower in coloring strength (210-230)

Category I in ISO 3632



This grade of Stigmas is joinded in 2’s or 3’s at the end of portion of the style, and is excellent for presenting as a gift and suitable for packing.

Spanish Name: Mancha, Category I in ISO 3632

The color strength (220-240)


C1: C1 Bunch: (DASTEH)

Top quality Dasteh, contains the whole Filament with lower in coloring strength (150-180)

Category III is ISO 3632


E: (RIO)

This quality is obtained by cutting the yellow part (style) at the level of 850gr. Per Kilo.

Lower in coloring strength (160-180)

Category III in ISO 3632

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