Zahedi Dates | Ratinkhosh Co.
KHOSHBIN GROUP (Ratin Khosh) is a leading manufacturing and supplying company in the field of Nuts, Snack, Dried fruits and confectionery ingredients with approximately three decades of experience behind. We are honored to export our products to 45 countries around the world and now through the established offices in different countries.
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Zahedi Dates

Color: Yellow to Brownish yellow

Moisture: Semi-dry under 12% – 14%

Target Fruit Count (unpitied):

  • Jumbo: 110-160 Dates/kg (Varies per crop year)

Flavor: Naturally sweet dates taste without foreign taste

Type: Unpitted

Chemical Additives: No

Packaging in bulk: 5kg and 10kg carton.

Consumer Packing: from 200g to 1000g

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