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Wholesale Iranian Dates

Dates are stated in one category of dried fruit and both are sweet but their taste & texture are different. With more than 30 years of experience in production and export of Iranian dried fruits, RatinKhosh supplies the global market with a variety of the finest conventional date products including Mazafati dates, Piarom dates, Rabbi dates, Sayer dates and Zahedi dates. In addition to dried dates, the company also offers a full line of date paste, date syrup, stuffed date, date balsamic vinegar and diced dates.

While producing completely natural and healthy non-GMO, gluten free dates, organic products are also available upon your request.

Supplying Iranian Dates

Our policy is primarily based on quality. All our products including dates are quality approved by our technical team, devoted to follow the quality standards. Also, product safety can easily be ensured from our ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HALAL, and KOSHER certificates.

Thanks to our state of the art factories, we can provide numerous packaging possibilities such as private labeling. Communicate your requirements to us, and we gladly try to achieve them.

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