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Pistachio (Iranian Pistachios)

Wholesale Iranian Pistachio

Pistachios grow in arid climates and regions prevailing well-drained soil and dry conditions. The world known taste of Persian pistachio is unrivalled since Iran’s geographical location, special arid climate and soil are the perfect setting for the cultivation of pistachio trees.

RATINKHOSH offers food manufacturers a full line of wholesale Iranian in-shell pistachios and shelled pistachio products (pistachio kernels), all packaged and shipped to exact customer specifications. Vast range of handpicked premium pistachios guarantees the utmost quality while meeting customers’ specifications for size, variety and grade. You can choose from raw, roasted, and baked pistachio nuts. While offering completely natural and healthy non-GMO, gluten free Pistachios, organic products are also available upon your request.

Supplying Iranian Pistachios

Our policy is primarily based on quality. All our products including pistachios are approved by our technical team, devoted to follow the quality standards. Also, product safety can easily be ensured from our ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HALAL, and KOSHER certificates.

In addition to quality, we are always trying to focus on flexibility and a solution-oriented approach. If you have special requests for a product (pistachios in-shell or kernel), to meet your specification, we would like to offer you our expertise.

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