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Pistachio Kernel

Wholesale Pistachio Kernels

As well as Iranian in-shell pistachios, RATINKHOSH is wholesale supplier of pistachio kernels, too. Pistachio Kernels are taken through a shelling process, meaning they are not presented in a shell at the end of the production process.

On top of our pistachio kernels, we produce Green Peeled Kernels. This type of kernel is categorized as a raw pistachio as it is harvested one to two months before the more common looking natural pistachios. Green Peeled Kernels endure a lengthy process to release the kernel from the shell and peel. Our method has been perfected to ensure your kernels always keep their quality throughout the shelling process.

Normal Peeled and Kaal (sometimes written Kal) bulk pistachio kernels are also available.

In addition to above mentioned kernels you can also choose from our different in-shell pistachios and you can also see all our pistachio related products in our wholesale iranian pistachio page.

While offering completely natural and healthy non-GMO, gluten free Pistachios, organic products are also available upon your request.

Our policy is primarily based on quality. All our products including pistachio kernels are quality approved by our technical team, devoted to follow the quality standards. Also, product safety can easily be ensured from our ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HALAL, and KOSHER certificates.

In addition to quality, we are always trying to focus on flexibility and a solution-oriented approach. If you would like to have our pistachio kernels in a specific package or quantity, we would be glad to offer you our expertise.

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