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Pistachio In-Shell

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Wholesale Iranian In-shell Pistachio

In-shell pistachios are processed in a range of shapes and sizes. Iranian Pistachios have different varieties and with Khoshbin Group you can choose from super long (Akbari Pistachio), long (Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio), semi-long (Badami Pistachio), round (Fandoghi Pistachio) and jumbo (Kalleh ghouchi Pistachio) shapes. As well as from colossal (Less than 18 nuts per ounce), Extra Large (18-20 nuts per ounce), large (21-25 nuts per ounce), medium (26-30 nuts per ounce) and Small (more than 30 nuts per ounce) sizes. Higher grade and huller-run pistachios are also offered. While offering completely natural and healthy non-GMO, gluten free Pistachios, organic products are also available upon your request. In addition to above mentioned iranian in-shell pistachios you can also choose from our different pistachio kernels and pistachio products and you can also see all our pistachio related products in our wholesale iranian pistachio page.

Supplying In-shell Pistachios

Our policy is primarily based on quality. All our products including pistachio in-shells are quality approved by our technical team, devoted to follow the quality standards. Also, product safety can easily be ensured from our ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HALAL, and KOSHER certificates.

Communicate your requirements to us; we specialize in tailor-made solutions and gladly join in a product development process to find the right product.

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