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Date as a healthy food ingredient

The nutritious, healthy date fruit is mostly used to make ingredients with various uses in cooking, baking, or snacking. These include:

  • Pitted dates
  • Chopped dates
  • Date paste
  • Date syrup
  • Stuffed dates with pistachio and almond
  • Date Balsamic Vinegar

Pitted Dates

Pitted dates (dates without seeds) are produced from premium quality dates in a hygienic processing site. Raw materials are carefully selected based on annual quality analysis and then through a pitting, cleaning, and sorting process. They are disinfected and fumigated for any insects, eggs, or larva so that the output is a ready-to-use healthy and natural ingredient.

Pitted date acts as source material for other ingredients such as date syrup, date paste, chopped date, or stuffed date.

Pitted Dates

Some uses of Pitted Dates

  • Pitted date for vegans
  • Pitted date smoothies
  • Pitted date cookies
  • Pitted date stuffed with nuts
  • Pitted date cake
  • Pitted date dessert
  • Pitted date pudding
  • Pitted date for industrial uses
  • Pitted date as snacks
Chopped Dates

Chopped Dates (Diced)

Our Chopped Dates are produced by dicing pitted dates (without seed) and then rolling the diced dates in rice flour/dextrose powder to prevent them from sticking together.

For this purpose, top-quality dates are carefully selected, pitted, cleaned, well-sorted, and diced in a hygienic site with accurate quality control to make sure the final output (chopped dates) meets the customer requirements.

They are more versatile than whole datesThey have all the health benefits of datesThey create a better cooking experience

They are a healthy ingredient for baking, cooking, or mixed with fruits and nuts.

Some uses of Chopped Dates

  • Chopped dates as a great healthy snack
  • Chopped dates mixed with nuts
  • Chopped dates cookies
  • Chopped date cakes
  • Chopped dates recipes, e.g., date poultry sauces
  • Chopped date smoothies
  • Chopped date granola
  • Chopped date for salad toppings

Date Paste

Our date paste is produced by finely grinding pitted and cleaned dates, free from any musty, moldy, earthly or any off-flavors.

It is made from carefully-selected date crops of the year under accurate quality control measures.

Our Date Paste is 100% pure with a homogenous texture, without any artificial additives and preservatives.
Date paste is a natural sweetener and can be a healthy substitute for white sugar in any recipe.

It is popular among the chefs in confectinery and bakery as a heakthy filling.

Date & Ingredients | date ingredients

Some ses of Date Paste

  • Date paste cake
  • Date paste brownies
  • Date paste for cooking
  • Date paste Energy BallsandEnergy Bars
  • Date paste oatmeal cookie
  • Date paste muffins
  • Date paste substitute for sugar
  • Date paste granola bars
  • Date paste desserts
  • Date paste for coffee
  • Date paste for vegans
  • Date paste smoothie
  • Date paste on toast
  • Date paste pastry
  • Date paste pudding
  • Date paste for salad dressing
  • Date paste to sweeten drinks and cocktails
date syrup

Date Syrup

Date syrup is also called Silan, date nectar, or date honey.

Date syrup is made from carefully selected, premium quality date crops of the year without any artificial additives, food colorings or preservatives.

The raw materials are chosen based on a knowledge-based analysis and the process is controlled at several quality chekpoints.

Date syrup can be used as a natural sweetener to substitute white sugar in any recipes. It is also a natural food thickener popular among many shefs.

Some uses of Date Syrup

  • Date syrup as a garnish e.g., on top of a coffee, milk, yogurt, etc.
  • Date syrup for baking recipes
  • Date syrup in tea
  • Date syrup with milk
  • Date syrup for drinks, shakes, beverages, etc.
  • Date syrup as a salad dressing
  • Date syrup with ice cream, fruit juices, fruit crumbles, etc.
  • Date syrup caramel
  • Date syrup instead of sugar
  • Date syrup oatmeal cookies
  • Date syrup muffins
  • Date syrup granola bars, energy bars,
  • Date syrup on pancakes
  • Date syrup on breads
  • Date syrup oatmeal
  • Date Syrup for baby foods, jams, etc.
  • Date Syrup in marinades

Stuffed Dates

Our Stuffed dates are premium-quality Iranian dates stuffed with Almond and Pistachio kernels grown in specific regions. The combination of dates and nuts creates a balanced taste for those who prefer a more reduced sweet taste.

Stuffed dates are nutritious, tasty and natural energy boosters that can serve as an ideal substitute for junk food for all age groups.

stuffed date

Uses of Stuffed Dates

  • Stuffed date as a nutrient snack
  • Stuffed date as a party snack
  • Stuffed date with tea
  • Stuffed date with drinks and cocktails
  • Stuffed date as a dessert
  • Stuffed date in bars and restaurants
Date & Ingredients | date ingredients

Date Sugar

Date sugar is made from raw dates carefully selected from the best crops of the region and year.

Raw dates are well disinfected, cleaned, and sorted, then ground into date sugar 

Our date sugar is free from insects, larva, eggs, and other contaminants

100% pure with natural hue, sweet taste, and smell of dates 

Ready-to-use sweet, full of fiber, potassium, and natural energy

A natural sweetener for replacing artificial sugar in beverages (cola, tea, coffee) 

A sweet strengthener for confectionery, bakery, desserts, homemade cakes, and gourmet recipes

Date sugar is also known as Date Powder.



Date Balsamic Vinegar

This magnificent date balsamic vinegar is made of date syrup mixed with balsamic vinegar.

  • Date balsamic vinegar for salad dressings
  • Date balsamic vinegar to marinate vegetables, fruits, and meats
  • Date balsamic vinegar as a dip for bread
  • Date balsamic vinegar with roasted vegetables
  • Date balsamic vinegar with goat cheese
  • Date balsamic vinegar for a salad or healthy appetizer!

Uses of Stuffed Dates

Storage conditions of dates

Dates can keep for 24 months if kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. 

At room temperature, ideally, in a dark kitchen or pantry, they can keep for 1 to 3 months. 

Dates do not require refrigeration but doing so helps retain their quality and prolongs their shelf life beyond 2 years. It is recommended to store them in tight containers.

Rarely do people plan to store dates for a few years by freezing them. In that case, use freezer bags and remove the air before sealing and storing it in the freezer at temperatures below zero.

Quality Control (QC) Policy

Before the production:

Quality control (QC) begins when dates are still on palm trees. Our company performs an annual analysis of the farms and farmers in the region by taking samples of the farms. We use a ranking system of the samples to grade the best farmers and farms. Their detailed profiles are kept in our archives and base our objective judgment of the farms. 

The knowledge-based screening process helps us to have access to the best crops in the region in terms of physical characteristics (such as shape, taste, and color), as well as microbial and chemical specifications (such as larva) of dates. 

During processing:

Quality control continues when selected dates are visually inspected for any signs of external contamination or obvious physical damage, during the processing stage. The care is taken to select only those dates that are in the best condition. Some dates are selected for packaging, and the rest will be used to make date ingredients.

After production:

No product or ingredient is released unless it satisfies all quality requirements based on target market.