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Active in the global business arena for more than 25 years, Ratin Khosh’s international presence continues to grow. Currently, Ratin Khosh exports products to more than 58 countries with offices in China, Australia, Dubai, Turkey and Ukraine, consistently meeting exacting regional and cultural food quality, safety and labeling standards.

Our team is here to collectively promote the Nuts, Dried Fruits and Ingredients industry through research, education, development, support, and programs that directly benefit our customers and co-workers.

Saeid Khoshbin

Founder & Chairman of The Board

2019 Iran Pistachio Producers Statistics


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Future Leaders Programme

Our passion and commitment to investing in the future set us apart and therefore we constantly develop greater and faster innovations. Continually identifying and developing the business leaders of tomorrow allows us to deliver on this value.

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Studies show that Iranian Pistachios have higher percentage of meat. This advantage in addition to three other main advantages are what set Iranian Pistachios far apart from pistachios harvested in countries like America.

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Interested in pistachios?! We have covered a lot of things that you might find interesting, from its history, botany, morphology and maturation to nutrition facts of pistachios

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Ever since our first Raisins trade in 1996, we’ve become a global leader in nuts, dried fruits and ingredients..

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