Ratin Khosh Co. Hosts Aflatoxin Analysis Workshop

Ratin Khosh Co. Hosts Aflatoxin Analysis Workshop |

Empowering the Pistachio Industry

In a significant effort to promote pistachio safety and quality within the industry, the Iranian food & drug administration (FDA) and Nuts & Dried Fruit Union recently hold a workshop titled ” Aflatoxin Analysis Workshop.” This event, hosted by Ratin Khosh Co., aimed to educate participants on best practices for aflatoxin sampling and testing in pistachio production.

Diverse Participant Profile

Participants from diverse sectors of the pistachio industry attended the workshop, including pistachio processors, exporters, and various stakeholders.

A Commitment to Quality and Safety

The ” Aflatoxin Analysis Workshop ” served as a platform for education. It also underscored the Iranian pistachio industry’s dedication to ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety for consumers worldwide. As pistachios continue to be a popular and healthy snack choice, efforts like this workshop are critical in maintaining the industry’s reputation for safe and sustainable products.

Why Choose Ratin Khosh

Selecting Ratin Khosh Co. as the organizer for the ” Aflatoxin Analysis Workshop” was a strategic choice for several compelling reasons:

Ratin Khosh Co. Hosts Aflatoxin Analysis Workshop |
  • Standard Lab Technology: Ratin Khosh Co. is massively investing in standard laboratory facilities, ensuring accurate and up-to-date aflatoxin analysis techniques.
  • Standard production equipment: We employ machinery and tools that adhere to established industry norms and specifications for manufacturing processes.
  • Extensive Industry Network: Ratin Khosh Co. enjoys collaboration with a vast network of the-best-of-the-kind suppliers
  • Safety and Sustainability Commitment: Ratin Khosh Co.’s involvement highlighted its dedication to promoting safety and sustainability in pistachio production, aligning perfectly with the workshop’s objectives.

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