Global Sourcing 

Our sourcing is not limited to specific regions where we own factories. 

There are places where we are well established, have good knowledge of the region, and build long-term contracts with farmers. This means we can obtain good quality raw materials at reasonable prices. 

There are other places where we have facilitated access through our networking system of representatives. The network enables us to do our sourcing of top-quality nuts and dried fruits in those countries. 

Carefully Selection

We do not randomize our source materials, which means we are particular about farms and farmers finding good quality raw materials. We have a well-established knowledge-based raking system for analyzing potential farms in the region. 

Every year, we perform the analysis and keep the data in our archive. The knowledge-based raking system bases our objective judgment of the farms and farmers in regions where we intend to obtain our raw materials. We buy from those whose ranking tops our table. 

In addition, we have a strict QC policy at three stages of production.

Before the production: Quality control (QC) begins when nuts and fruits are still on trees. We perform an annual analysis of the farms and farmers in the region by taking samples of the farms. We use a system to rank the samples based on laboratory reports. Their detailed profiles are kept in our archives and base our objective judgment of raw materials before entering the factory. 

The knowledge-based screening process helps us access the best crops in the region in terms of physical characteristics (such as shape, taste, and color) and microbial and chemical specifications. 

During processing:

Quality control continues at several steps when selected raw materials are visually inspected for any signs of external contamination or apparent physical damage during the processing stage. We try to choose only those raw materials in the best condition and compatible with clients’ requirements. 

After production:

We check the proper packaging and labels information during this stage and perform a final sampling. Unless it satisfies all quality requirements based on the target market, no product or ingredient is released. 

Customized Processing

After taking the orders, the supply chain team analyses the order’s specifications and the market needs where the order came from. 

The analysis and a dedicated team guide our production to ensure that the final output matches the market demand. 

The team sets the production line, allocates skilled workers to fill the requirements accordingly, and ensures that each client receives the product that matches their market. 

Facilitated Distribution

We make our best effort to ensure you receive the ordered product within the time limit specified in your order. We have offices in different countries to handle business matters such as customs and regulations pertinent to imports. 

We also have certified representatives and enjoy the cooperation of business partners who can further facilitate the distribution of shipped products. 

With our well-established distribution avenues, you don’t have to worry about where to purchase.