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What are Figs

What are Figs and What do They Taste Like?

Ratinkhosh R&D Team

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Figs are one of the earliest fruit trees cultivated. There is nothing like the unique flavor and texture of figs. They are delightful with a mixed texture of a chewy flesh, a smooth skin and crunchy seeds.

In this Article, we are going to tell you more about this sweet ancient fruit.

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What Are figs?

Figs are the main ingredient in many famous cookies, such as fig bar and fig cakes, and are a culinary delicacy par excellence. Part of the miracle of the figs comes from their unique taste and texture. They are very sweet and feature a complex texture that joins the chewiness of their flesh, the sleekness of their skin and the crunchiness of their seeds. Furthermore, as fresh figs are so delicate and perishable, some of their popularity comes from their relative rarity. That’s why most of the figs are dried, either by exposure to sunlight or through an artificial process, producing a sweet and nutritious dried fruit that can be savored throughout the year.

Figs grow on the Ficus tree (Ficus carica), a member of the Mulberry family. They are different in having an opening, called the “eye” or “ostiole,” which isn’t connected to the tree, but which supports the fruit’s development, helping it in communication with the environment.

Figs are different in color and texture depending on the type, of which there are more than one hundred and fifty.

Some of the most popular fig types are:

  • Black Mission: dark purple skin with pink colored flesh
  • Kadota: green skin with a purplish flesh
  • Calimyrna: green-yellow skin with a golden flesh
  • Brown Turkey: purple skin with a red flesh
  • Adriatic: the type most often used to make fig bars, which has light green skin and pink-tan flesh

What do Figs Taste Like?

Fresh figs taste like something between a peach and a strawberry. You can also sense little undertones of vanilla. Regardless of the perceived flavor, eating a fresh fig straight from the tree is one of those experiences that make you wonder why you never grew a fig tree before.

A delicate, ripe fig is massive with its syrupy cocktail, which tends to drizzle out of its center if you wait too long to eat it. The taste is all honey-like sweetness with a definite hint of berry and fresher shades of the flavor you might realize from a particular cookie. A mild, untouched fig is an extraordinary food.

This is why chefs hesitant to involve a fig in anything approximating a recipe. A recipe indicates cooking or the manipulation of ingredients. Fresh figs need neither manipulation nor fuss.

That’s it guys. Hope you enjoyed this article.

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What are Figs and What do They Taste Like?

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