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Benefits of raisins

Are raisins good for you: benefits and nutrition

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Dried fruits are so trendy these days. Since they have a longer shelf life, natural to eat, and hold all the benefits that their ripe fruits have, they gain more and more popularity each day. Due to the busy life that most people have, they tend to eat foods that are easy to take and consume. At the same time, they want to follow a healthy life. Raisins are so delicious and beneficial. In this post, we are going to explain the benefits of raisins. Therefore, if you wonder whether raisins are good for you or not, read this post thoroughly to learn more about this popular, mouthwatering, and yummy dried fruit.

What are raisins?

Raisins are technically the dried grapes, which is usually done in the sun. The ripen grapes will be dehydrated and turn into small and dried berries, which still carry all the benefits that their origin fruit had. They are as sweet as grapes too. But, they are not juicy anymore. Like other dried fruits, raisins have more sugar than grapes. At the same time, they have a longer shelf life. Therefore, they can be eaten all through the year without becoming spoiled. That’s one of the significant points that raisins have, especially for people who can’t or don’t like to buy something again and again. They buy raisins once and can consume these delicious dried fruits anytime they want.

Like grapes, raisins also have different types, each holds the benefits and taste that its grape had. You can also cook delicious cuisines with raisins. If you still wonder how raisins can take place in your daily life, first, learn more about the benefits of raisins and the way you can enjoy this sweet fruit.

What are raisins?

What are the benefits of raisins?

1.      Raisins are good for digestion

Research done on raisins show they are a great source of fiber, which is good for digestion. Fiber not only can help your body digest what you eat and prevent constipation but also can help you lose weight by keeping you full for a longer time. Eating one-half cup of raisins gives you 3.3 grams of fiber. This amount is 25 percent of the fiber your body needs throughout the day. Moreover, fiber can also reduce the effects of highly concentrated sugar in raisins on your blood sugar levels. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of the number of raisins you eat per day.

2.      They are healthy to the heart

Although it’s not that much, raisins contain iron, which is good for heart health. Most people who are following a vegan or vegetarian diet may have an iron deficiency. That’s when raisins come to help. One-half cup of raisins can give you at least 7 percent of iron that your body needs per day. Additionally, iron helps the body make red blood cells. Therefore, eating raisins can lead to a healthier life and prevent anemia.

3.      Raisins contain protein

Even a small amount of protein counts. Especially for people who don’t eat meat or any other animal-based products. However, the amount of protein in raisin is not as much as the protein in pistachios, raisins still can help the body receive this essential. Furthermore, protein can prevent the blood sugar level from getting higher by eating raisins.

4.      Raisins are packed with antioxidants

Grapes are full of antioxidants. Raisins have this benefit too. They are high in a specific type of antioxidants called polyphenols. Antioxidants fight free radicals, which are harmful to the body and may lead to chronic diseases, such as cancer. Antioxidants can also reduce inflammation and boost brain function. Therefore, eating raisins may protect the body against brain-related problems, such as Alzheimer’s.

5.      They are beneficial to the bones

Calcium is one of the minerals that your body needs every day. Raisins have 45 milligrams of calcium in every half-cup. This amount can give your body almost 4 percent of daily recommended calcium, which can make your bones and teeth stronger.

Health benefits of raisins

How many raisins to eat in a day?

Like other dried fruits, raisins have more sugar than grapes. Although it’s natural sugar, it might be harmful when it is concentrated. That’s why you need to know how many raisins you can eat in a day. By the way, it’s always important to take care of the amount of everything you eat in a day, like the number of nuts you can eat in a day. Therefore, you can avoid taking more calories, sugar, or fat that your body needs in a day.

The number of raisins that you can eat depends on your gender, age, and health condition. For example, it might be OK for a person without any health condition to eat 1 cup of raisins during a day, which contains 86 grams of sugar and 434 calories. But, when it comes to people who have diabetes, it should be so much lower. However, people with diabetes need to consult with their doctor about taking raisins or any other food that contains sugar.

How many raisins can I eat in a day?

 What happens if you eat too many raisins?

Eating too many raisins has side effects, because like other dried fruits, raisins are high in sugar and calories. That’s why overeating raisins may lead to weight gain and even diabetes. Moreover, if you eat too many raisins, you may take too much fiber, which may cause gastrointestinal upset, such as bloating and cramps.

Raisins nutrition facts (1-cup)

Raisins calories: 434

Total fat: 0.7 g

Cholesterol: 0 mg

Sodium: 16 mg

Potassium: 1086 mg

Dietary fiber: 5 g

Sugar: 86 g

Protein: 4.5 g

Calcium: 7%

Iron: 15%

Vitamin B-6: 15%

Magnesium: 11%

Vitamin C: 5%

Bottom Line

Raisins are a great alternative for sugar and can be consumed as a sweet snack during the day. It’s so pleasant for people who have sweet teeth. Most people eat raisins with tea or add it to salad to give a sweet flavor to their dishes. Raisins have benefits and downsides. But eating them on moderate doesn’t have any side effects. Therefore, based on your health condition, eat an adequate amount of raisins per day to gain energy, enjoy its sweetness, and reduce the consumption of sugar, which is unhealthy, during the day.

If you have any more questions about eating raisins, read raisins FAQs.

Are raisins good for you: benefits and nutrition

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