8 Excellent Freeze Dried Fruit Benefits for You

8 Excellent Freeze Dried Fruit Benefits for You

Freeze drying is the most effective food preservation method to keep the original color, taste, and nutritional value of fruits. It increases the shelf life of fruits by removing 99% of their water content while keeping 98% of their nutrients. Freeze dried fruits are as healthy as fresh ones. But some people still doubt the superior quality of freeze dried fruits. 

This article focuses on freeze dried fruit benefits, how they are produced, and do they preserve the nutrients of freshly picked ones? And feel free to click here if you are looking for a reliable freeze dried fruit supplier.

What Is Freeze Dried Fruit?

Freeze dried fruit is a fruit that has been dried through lyophilization. The fruit’s frozen water evaporates without even going through a liquid phase, leaving the fruit structure intact. Freeze dried fruits are shelf-stable and last longer without preservatives.

The freeze dried fruit retains 98% of its nutrients but loses nearly all its water content. For this reason, it is very light with a crispy texture and intense fruit flavor. Freeze drying also leaves the shape and structure of the fruit intact. 

Typical freeze dried fruits include apples, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, cherries, bananas, peaches, nectarines, and kiwis.

General Description of Freeze Drying

Freeze drying is the most successful method for preserving fruits. As mentioned earlier, freeze-drying, or lyophilization, removes moisture from raw, frozen fruits through sublimation. The process takes place in a vacuum system and typically requires between 24 to 36 hours to complete. Freeze dried fruits are still raw as the temperature never exceeds 48°C (118°F).  

How freeze dried fruits compare nutritionally to fresh, frozen or dried fruits

This picture compares the appearance of dehydrated kiwis with freeze dried kiwis. Dehydrated kiwis are shrunk, while freeze dried kiwis maintain their original size.
comparing the appearance of dehydrated kiwis with freeze dried kiwis. Dehydrated kiwis are shrunk, while freeze dried kiwis maintain their original size

Freezing is a better way to preserve nutrients than heat drying or dehydrating. This is mainly due to the short period of heat treatment used to blanch food before freezing. While in dehydration, fruits receive long hours of heat treatment before they dry.

Freeze-drying is the most efficient way to preserve nutrients and remove water than most conventional ways. Freeze-dried fruits tend to have more nutrients but less water than fresh fruits. For freeze drying, fruits are harvested while in-season and immediately flash-frozen to lock in all nutrients. 

Fresh fruits may lose nutrients during long shipments or unfavorable storage conditions. Freeze dried fruits weigh less than fresh fruits, so you could end up eating more nutrients per gram. 

Compared to dried fruits, freeze-dried fruits keep most of their nutrients. They only lose some fiber and vitamin C. This is because fiber is contained in the cell walls and skin of the fruit. Vitamin C is water-soluble and quickly broken down. Freeze dried fruits retain 98% of their nutrient contents and lose 97% of their moisture. 

Dried fruits lose 75-95% of their moisture through dehydration. This results in a loss of vitamins A and C, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin. Freeze dried fruits and dried fruits are both filled with natural flavor. So they do not need to be supplemented with additives or extra sugar to please your taste buds.

Excellent freeze dried fruit benefits

Freeze dried fruit benefits outweigh the benefits of fruits dried in conventional methods. You have probably heard some of the benefits, such as being healthy or having a shelf life. But freeze dried fruit benefits go even further. Let’s consider some of them. 

1.Longer Shelf Life

Sealed #10 glass jars containing freeze dried fruits.
freeze dried fruits can last up to 25 years in sealed glass jars.

There is a direct correlation between moisture content and shelf life. The higher the moisture content, the shorter the shelf life. Freeze‐dried food is much more suitable for long‐term storage than dehydrated or frozen fruits. Since the fruit loses 98‐99 percent of the moisture during the freeze drying process, it usually has a shelf life of 25 years or more. It is recommended that freeze dried fruits be stored in a cool, dark, and dry location at temperatures below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. For these reasons, freeze dried fruits are a great option for emergency storage and camping foods.

2.Minimal Preparation and Quick Rehydration

Almost all freeze‐dried fruits can be snacked on without rehydrating, making them a handy eat‐on‐the‐go option. The texture and taste of freeze‐dried fruit are much closer to the original than dehydrated fruit. In contrast, both water and cooking are sometimes required if you want to rehydrate a dehydrated fruit.

Freeze dried fruits require no or little preparation for eating. All you need to do is add water, wait a few minutes, and the fruits reconstitute to their fresh state. Best of all, it tastes so close to the original that you might be unable to tell any difference.

3.Intact Structure and Texture

The picture shows a sample of freeze dried fruits. Freeze dried fruits maintain their natural structure and shape
Freeze dried fruits maintain their natural structure and shape

As mentioned above, freeze drying occurs at low temperatures and pressure. Flash freezing stabilizes the structure, and low pressure helps remove water without changing the structure. This means the size of the fruits remains the same after drying. Unlike the dehydration method in which the fruit shrinks.

4.Rich Nutrition Content

Freeze drying takes place at low temperatures in a vacuum system. So the freeze‐dried fruit maintains most (97%) of its nutrients throughout the process. In this regard, it is very similar in nutritional value to its fresh form. Unlike dehydrated food, only around 60‐75% of the original nutrients are retained.  

5.Fresh Taste

A well-known advantage of freeze dried fruits is related to their flavor. Flavor is important in food. Foods are not eaten if they taste bad. Fresh fruit tastes are essentially retained in freeze-dried fruits because the process involves very little heat. This keeps in the flavor, maintains original texture, and secures the natural aromas. Most people would agree that freeze dried fruits win the taste test over other types of dried fruits.

6.Greater Variety of Choices 

As mentioned earlier freeze dried fruits are still considered raw as they have not received much heat treatment. Unlike dehydrated fruits that need to be sliced for efficient hydration, fruits can be freeze dried as whole fruits, chunks, granules, and powder. So you have more food options with freeze drying than with dehydrating.

Freeze drying works the same for whole fruits and fruit pieces. 

  • Large fruits are typically cut into halves, slices, or cubes before freeze drying. Small fruits like berries are freeze dried whole. 
  • Freeze dried fruit may also be ground into a fine powder for flavoring smoothies and desserts.

7.Low Calorie, No Added Sugar

Most freeze dried fruits are low-calorie and contain no added sugar. Of course, freeze dried fruits differ in terms of calorie content. But the majority of them contain less than 40 calories per 10-gram serving. Having no added sugar also means fewer consequences for blood pressure or heart health. But, that does not mean you shouldn’t watch your consumption. Low-calorie freeze dried fruit will satisfy your sweet tooth if you are trying to lose weight.

8.Travel Friendly

If you keep your stored food in your pantry or emergency food storage until used, weight isn’t an issue. Freeze dried fruits are delicious treats and great meals to take on camping trips, hikes, and even in your travel bag. They are much lighter than dehydrated fruits because of the less moisture content. Freeze dried fruits are the top choice if weight is a critical factor.


In this article, we discussed only a few freeze dried fruit benefits. I am sure there are many other advantages such as keeping them as emergency food or using them in dishes. The way freeze dried fruits are produced affects their goodness. Freeze dried fruits have undergone minimum changes from their fresh state, so they are as good as fresh fruits. And in some instances, such as camping, they do even better than fresh ones.


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