Kaal Pistachio Kernel (Raw Kernel)

Kaal kernel pistachio, as its name implies, are taken from trees when the pistachios are still raw and not reached the standard level of maturity, this is the reason for being green.

This green color of the Kaal Kernel pistachio makes it an ideal product for all confectionery and decorative purposes.


Iran is one of the largest producers and exporters of pistachios and pistachio products with high quality all over the world. The Iranian pistachio kernel is more delicious than other types of pistachios in the world and it has great in level of quality due to the perfect climate of Iran This product is widely known around the world and has found its market in most countries.

In our factory Pistachio kernels typically obtained from closed shell pistachios and kernels can be obtained from any type of Iranian pistachios but mostly from Round and Jumbo pistachio.

Naming of this product are often based on the types of Iranian pistachios, such as Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Badami, Jumbo and Fandoghi. Of course, in terms of quality they are divided into several different categories.

The closed shell pistachios are taken through cracking process. Pistachio kernels are normally used as snack, as a food ingredient in different industries such as confectionary, bakery products, chocolates, ice cream, sweet industry, cooking, sausage and ham.

These types of pistachio kernel are normally produced through cracking and peeling process of closed shell pistachio which is belong to the special region in Iran and also some percent of them obtained from the pistachios when they are still raw (Kaal) which means before the pistachios become completely ripe.

Green Peeled kernel is known as the most premium and expensive among all types of kernels, due to costly process.

Iranian Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels are known as luxury food ingredient, which are used in various industries such as: pastries, chocolate, ice cream, sweet desserts, sausages and ham.

The peeled kernels are separated according to the color of the kernel to Green, So, Green Peeled kernels can be classified into 5 types, which can be differentiate from the percentage of green color in them, for instance dark green, green, greenish, yellow and light yellow.

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