Chopped Pistachio (Green Pistachio Kernel Granola/Diced)

Totally, Our company supply two kind of pistachio kernel: Normal pistachio Kernel and Green peeled pistachio kernel beside this we kindly offer derivatives of pistachio kernel such as pistachio granola, slivered and pistachio powder.

Specifications For Chopped Pistachio

These types of pistachio kernel are normally produced through cracking and peeling process of closed shell pistachio which is belong to the special region in Iran and also some percent of them obtained from the pistachios when they are still raw (Kaal) which means before the pistachios become completely ripe.

Green Peeled kernel is known as the most premium and expensive among all types of kernels, due to costly process.


The detailed specifications of Chopped Pistachio is shown in the table below:

ColorNaturally light Green to yellow without any artificial color
Typediced, Obtained from green peeled pistachio kernel Grade D
FlavorOriginal taste
SmellNaturally Pistachio kernel’s aroma without foreign odor
Size2mm-4mm and 4mm-6mm
Shelf Life and Storage Condition24 month, Keep in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight
Harvesting timeSeptember & October
Chemical/Artificial AdditivesNo, completely natural and healthy, GMO Free, Gluten-Free
Packing type in bulk10kg vacuumed packing in carton
Consumer Packingfrom 100g to 1000g in different kind of packing per customer request

Applications of Granola Green Pistachio

Pistachio pastry, pistachio ice-cream, pistachio cookies, pistachio cakes! Phew! There’s a plenty of uses of this incredible nut. They can easily be combined into delicious cakes, mueslis, granolas, nut bars, fruit and nut slices, pies, tarts, breads and cookies, sweet industry, chocolate industry, cooking, des-serts, food industry like sausage and ham.


These delicious freshly, pistachio kernels are the perfect ingredient to all baking needs. They can easily be used as snack or mixed with other nuts or combined into delicious cakes, mueslis, granolas, nut bars, fruit and nut slices, pies, tarts, breads and cookies. Offering a yummy crunchy bite and delicious taste makes these nuts incredibly popular amongst our ingredients clients. They also contain many essential vitamins and minerals such as protein, dietary fiber and vitamin B which all contribute greatly to living a healthy lifestyle.
The low calorie content, high nutritional value and nutty flavor makes pistachio an excellent snack for both kids and adults. This delicious nut has been revered as a symbol of robust health since ancient times.

However way you like to incorporate these delicious nuts into your cooking and everyday lifestyle we know they will taste great!

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