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Turkey’s Pistachio

Production Decrease

Even though last year, the amount of Turkey’s pistachio product hit the 220,000 tons record, this year the country faces a huge decrease in pistachio production.

“This year we are going to have about 70.000 tons pistachio production.” Says Neset Ucar, the Manager of Pistachio Industries in Gaziantep, Turkey.

Turkish Baklava Business

Given that Turkish baklava is very popular and has a worldwide reputation, all the people in this business are worried about this year’s pistachio shortage and it is expected that Turkey is going to face shortage even in domestic market.

According to research, in normal conditions, every pistachio tree is expected to yield 30 kg product, but this year Turkish pistachio farmers are going to harvest only 10 kg product. This causes an increase in the market price.

According to Neset Ucar, the manager of pistachio industries in Turkey, as a result of heavy snows and rainfalls in winter, the harvest is going to start with a

15 days delay

this year and even having no yield at all is a possibility.

Based on Turkish farmers’ experience, every two years, on year the product amount increases and the other year, it decreases.

This year is a low-product year for Turkey because last year’s product was over 220.000 ton.

A total product of 70,000 tons is expected this year.

Since less product causes an increase in its price, prices are increasing by 25% this year.
Currently, every kilogram of Boza pistachio is sold for 160-165 TL while last year’s price was about 125-130 Tl.

Unsubstantial Claims

Again, as in previous years, there are false advertisings claiming Turkish Businessmen are stocking the products but this news is officially denied by Turkish authorities. Since 2019, products have not completely reached the market yet, how could businessmen stock them?
As a result, it is necessary that we follow the market accurately and try not to mistaken international businessmen with advertising.

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Turkey’s Pistachio Production Decrease

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