Ice Cream With Date Syrup: Byond a Sweet Taste

Date Syrup Ice Cream For Vendors

Nowadays, ice cream lovers pay more attention to the naturalness and ingredient composition of ice creams. And ice cream makers want to keep their customers by offering something healthy. Ice cream with date syrup is a reliable solution. Adding it to ice cream enhances its physical properties, taste, color, and healthfulness. It also makes it a favorable treat for consumers.

What Is Date Syrup Ice Cream Made Of?

Date syrup ice cream is made by replacing sugar with date syrup in the traditional ice cream. Ice cream and gelatos are traditionally made with water, ice, cream, milk protein, sugar, and air. White sugar is used to sweeten milk mixed with other ingredients.  

A healthy alternative is to replace the sugar with date syrup. Date ice cream is not like you are sacrificing the taste for sweetness. You just swap something with questionable healthfulness (sugar) for something natural (date syrup).  Date syrup is a nutritionally dense sweetener with healthy minerals. It’s delicious, too. It gives the ice cream a caramel-like flavor. It also enhances ice cream’s texture and color.

The picture shows two cups of light-brown-colored ice cream made with date syrup, with one topped with extra white cream
Date ice cream has a light brown color.

Creative Uses of Date Syrup with Ice Cream

There are two general ways to make ice cream with date syrup. One way is to incorporate date syrup into the ice cream base. The recipe for this type of date syrup ice cream is pretty simple. This is how you replace sugar with a healthier sweetener. Date syrup mixes with other ingredients forming the base. It enhances the taste and flavor of ice cream as well as changes the color to brown. Date syrup is sweeter than granulated sugar, so the substitution may be at 1 : 1 or 1 : .7 ratio. 

Depending on the origin, there are numerous versions of this recipe. But they all have similar characteristics: a softer texture, browner color, and date flavor. 

The second type of recipe may instruct you to drizzle date syrup over a finished ice cream. This is when you top the ice cream before serving it at home or handing it to the consumer in a shop. Similarly, date syrup adds sweetness and color to the ice cream but may not be the only source of sweeteners.

Taste Profile of Date Syrup Ice Cream

Date syrup ice cream has a caramel-like sweet taste because of date paste. The sweet taste is stronger when you work the syrup into the base rather than drizzle over it. In addition, it excites the taste buds as date paste gives the ice cream a lovely creamy texture. If you make tahini date ice cream, the texture will be creamy and sweetened with only dates. The taste will be sweet, salty, nutty & uniquely delicious.

Nutritional Benefits of Ice Cream with Date Syrup

We learn more about the nutritional benefits of date syrup ice cream by studying its ingredients. As date syrup replaces sugar, let’s briefly compare the nutrient composition of white sugar against some of the date syrup’s nutritional benefits. White sugar (refined or granulated sugar) has 38.5 calories per tablespoon (10gr). It does not have fat, protein, fiber, sodium, or micronutrients like minerals or vitamins. On the other hand, date syrup contains much more nutrients while providing fewer calories than white sugar.

Ice Cream With Date Syrup: Byond a Sweet Taste | Ice cream with date syrup

Does date syrup change the Texture of ice cream?

Yes, date syrup can change the texture and reduce the melting point of ice cream. Date syrup effects on the ice cream texture and viscosity depends on the date syrup’s concentration, date variety and the amount used. 
Ice cream with a moderate amount of date syrup (25% date syrup) has the hardness of regular ice cream. However, increasing date syrup levels (to 50% and 100%) may produce significantly softer texture ice cream than honey and glucose syrup ice cream. This is because date syrup is relatively high in moisture compared to those sweeteners, contributing to the overall moisture content of the ice cream.

What Are Date Syrup Ice Cream Serving Suggestions?

There are so many ways to approach date syrup ice cream. You can choose to avoid it altogether or go for an amount without affecting your blood sugar. Sugar-free ice cream with date syrup is a safe choice for quenching an ice cream craving. The serving size ranges from 1/2 cup for sensitive people to eating straight from the container for others.

Ice cream portions also depend on your sensitivity to glucose spikes, daily diets, and the number of carbs or energy you are allowed to absorb. We recommend checking your blood sugar 1 to 2 hours after eating date syrup ice cream. This can give you useful information about its effect on your glucose levels.

Does Date Syrup Ice Cream have Allergens?

Allergies to date syrup are rare. Hardly ever do we hear people saying they are allergic to date products. Dates are among the safest foods. One of the reasons to substitute honey with date syrup is to avoid allergic reactions in sensitive people. 

In addition, dates have organic sulfur in them, which helps in the reduction of seasonal allergies. However, allergic reactions to ice cream with date syrup may be caused by dairy ingredients such as cream and milk.

Ice Cream With Date Syrup: Byond a Sweet Taste | Ice cream with date syrup

Freezing Date Syrup: Is it Possible?

Freezing date syrup for the sake of storing it seems unnecessary. Date syrup can keep for over two years at room temperature. The date’s minerals help preserve its equity for that long. However, date syrup can lend itself to the freezing temperatures required for ice cream without reducing its quality. The freezing temperature depends on the date syrup recipe and personal preference.

Cost Comparison: Date Syrup vs. Sugar in Ice Cream

Reasonably, date ice cream can be a little more expensive than regular ice cream. Consumers are willing to pay more for date ice cream than for regular ice cream. Most consumers will accept the price difference if date ice cream is available. Of course, the finished price will depend on other factors. 

For example, vegan ice creams are often more expensive than animal-based ones. This is because they are made with more expensive ingredients than dairy ice cream. The price tag might be even larger for organic date syrup ice creams. Finally, since sales of dairy-free ice creams are usually lower than for dairy ice cream, firms must charge more to justify producing them.

Does Date Syrup Ice Cream Spike Insulin?

Date syrup is a low GI (Glycemic Index) food. This means date syrup carbohydrates are broken down and enter your bloodstream slowly. So, it does not cause a glucose spike or blood sugar rise after moderate consumption. However, too much glucose can lead to insulin spikes. And since date syrup contains fructose and glucose, too much ice cream with date syrup can cause an increase in insulin levels.

🔴 A word of caution: This information should be considered as general knowledge not medical advice.

Shelf Life of Ice Cream with Date Syrup

Date syrup can last for more than two years under suitable storage conditions. Ice cream lasts 2-3 months after the stamped date on the container. You can keep date syrup at hand and drizzle your ice cream right before consumption. This way, you can constantly supply ice cream with date syrup. Ice cream made with date syrup may have a shorter life than pure date syrup. But generally, ice cream shelf life depends on a variety of factors, such as the preparation method and how it is stored.

Adding Value to Ice Cream with Date Syrup

Consumers will enjoy the ice cream with date syrup because they know they are taking in something good for them. Date syrup does not necessarily have fewer calories, but it contains more nutrients than refined sugar. Table 1 compares the nutrient value for both. 

Dates are rich in Iron, potassium, vitamins, antioxidants, and trace elements. It is reasonable to think that date syrup contains most of these valuable nutrients.

Date syrup offers the added benefit of being less processed than white sugar. It is a natural sweetener made of two ingredients: dates and water. Water is added to make the grinding go. It is evaporated later to obtain a thicker consistency.


Date fruits have been associated with taste, minerals, and texture. Date syrup is now your best option to improve your ice cream with something healthy. Selling date ice cream is like killing three birds with one stone. It is good for the palate, mind, and business. 

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