Advantages Of Ice Cream With Date Syrup

Date Syrup Ice Cream For Vendors

Nowadays, ice cream buyers pay more attention to the naturalness and ingredient composition of ice creams. Ice cream makers want to keep their customers. Recently, they have started looking to date syrup as a reliable solution. Adding date syrup to ice cream enhances its physical properties, taste, and healthfulness. It also makes it favorable for consumers.
This article briefly discusses the advantages of ice cream with date syrup.

Ice Cream With Date Syrup Trend Of 2023

Ice cream and gelatos are traditionally made with water, ice, cream, milk protein, sugar, and air. White sugar is used to sweeten milk mixed with other ingredients. But concerns about the high sugar content have made ice cream makers seek healthy sugar substitutes.

Consumers demand more healthy ingredients. Date syrup as a natural sweetener creates a new opportunity for ice cream makers to impress their customers with something healthy. This will be the trend of 2023. By replacing white sugar with date syrup, you are showing value to your customers. So they feel they are heard. 

Depending on the ingredients and recipe origin, there are numerous versions of date ice cream. But they all have similar characteristics: a softer texture, browner color, and date flavor.

The picture shows two cups of light-brown-colored ice cream made with date syrup, with one topped with extra white cream
Date ice cream has a light brown color.

Advantages Of Replacing Sugar With Date Syrup

Let’s discuss a few of the advantages of date ice cream. 

1.Effects on Physical Properties

Date syrup serves to thicken the ice cream base as well as give it a lovely creamy texture. Dates would considerably thicken the ice cream, but date syrup cannot do that. 

Research shows that the melting rate of date ice cream is significantly lower than plain ice cream. This means the ice cream’s overrun decreases significantly after replacing sugar with date syrup.

Complete replacement of granulated sugar with date syrup significantly lowers the PH and increases the acidity of the ice cream. It also increases the viscosity of the resultant ice cream.

2.Effects on Flavor

Date syrup could be used successfully to produce acceptable ice cream with a date aroma. Serving date ice cream is not like you are sacrificing the taste for sweetness. You swap something whose healthfulness is questionable (sugar) for something natural (date syrup). Date syrup gives the ice cream a caramel-like flavor. Research shows that aroma ratings for date ice cream are significantly higher than for regular ice cream. This means date aroma is a competitive factor for most ice cream lovers.

3.Customer Acceptance

Research shows that consumers like ice cream with dates the same as they like regular ice cream. They both have similar marketability, too. But consumers prefer the aroma of ice cream over regular ice cream. Consumers are more likely to choose date ice cream for its aroma.

4.Price Consideration

Reasonably, date ice cream can be a little more expensive than regular ice cream. Consumers are willing to pay more for date ice cream than for regular ice cream. Most consumers will accept the price difference if date ice cream is available.

5.The Value Effect of Date Syrup on Ice Cream 

Consumers will enjoy the ice cream with date syrup because they know they are taking in something good for them. Date syrup does not necessarily have fewer calories, but it contains more nutrients than refined sugar. Table 1 compares the nutrient value for both. 

Dates are rich in Iron, potassium, vitamins, antioxidants, and trace elements. It is reasonable to think that date syrup contains some of these valuable nutrients. 

Date syrup offers the added benefit of being less processed than white sugar. It is a natural sweetener made of two ingredients: dates and water. Water is added to make the grinding go. It is evaporated later to obtain a thicker consistency. 

Date Syrup Vs White Sugar 

To complete our discussion, let’s briefly compare the nutrient composition of white sugar against date syrup. White sugar (refined or granulated sugar) has 38.5 calories per tablespoon (10gr). It does not have fat, protein, fiber, sodium, or micronutrients like minerals or vitamins (Table 1). On the other hand, date syrup contains much more nutrients while providing fewer calories as white sugar. 

ElementsWhite Sugar (per 10gr)Date syrup (per 10gr)
Vitamin B60%12%
Comparison of nutrition facts between sugar and date syrup


Date fruits have been associated with taste, minerals, and texture. Date syrup is now your best option to improve your ice cream with something healthy. Selling date ice cream is like killing three birds with one stone. It is good for the palate, mind, and business. 

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