Date Paste Benefits, Uses and Production

Date Paste Benefits, Uses and Production

Date paste is one of the healthiest food ingredients on earth. Made from 100% date ingredients, date paste can be used as a natural sweetener to substitute regular, granulated white sugar. It doesn’t just add sweetness. It provides vitamins, minerals, fiber, and carbohydrates as well.

Most people who want to avoid eating artificial sugar in their daily diet add date paste to their snacks or recipes. This article explores some of the date paste benefits as well as its daily uses. But first, let’s find out what date paste is and how to make it at home.

What is Date Paste?

Date paste is one of the derivatives of dates, which is the sweet fruit of palm date. Do not confuse date paste with date syrup, which is also a natural date product but with much finner and liquidy consistency or texture. Date paste has a more solid, coarser consistency. 

To make date paste, first, you have to carefully select and pit your raw dates. You need to show a little bit of subtlety at this point, as the materials you choose will greatly affect what you have at the end. Then you have to disinfect, wash, separate calyx and seeds, clean, sort, sterilize, steam heat raw pitted dates before you grind them. 

Grind the raw date until your dates turn into a puree or mush (figure 1). If you push the grinder further, you may end up with date syrup instead.  

If you strictly control the above mentioned processes, you are more likely to have a date paste with all nutrients and goodness of the original dates and entirely free from fragments of seeds, calyx, or other foreign material.

How to Make Date Paste at Home?

It’s very easy to make date paste at home. If you have high-quality fresh dates, making date paste will only take 5 minutes.

  • First, pit the dates. (2 cups of dates will give you 26 tablespoons of date paste)
  • In a large bowl, blend the pitted dates and ½ cup of water until it gets very smooth.
  • With a spoon, scrape down the bowl to see if all the dates have been incorporated.
  • Store the date paste in an airtight container.
The picture shows a jar of date paste.
A jar of date paste

If you don’t feel confident about making date paste at home, buy it from a reliable supplier. We do not name any, as I’m sure you can find at least one in your neighborhood.

How to Store Date Paste?

Date paste will have a long shelf life if you keep it in the refrigerator or other cold and dry place. You can also freeze this product in small portions and use it in different recipes. Generally, date paste doesn’t go wasted very soon. It is fresh for up to 3 months but still usable after this period.

Common Date Paste Benefits 

I am sure you have been convinced by now that date paste is a healthy ingredient for your daily diet. You might have read about date paste benefits in some of our other posts or other websites. If you haven’t, no worries. We will outline a few of its benefits here. (Source:

Date Paste is Very Nutritious

This is probably the primary reason why we should include date paste in our daily diets. Dates are so energetic because of the high amount of calories they have, and date paste retains most of that calorie content. For example, 100 grams of dates will produce date paste with 277 calories. However, since you don’t eat all the date paste in one serving, it won’t affect your weight unless you overeat it. 

What’s more, dates also have minerals and vitamins necessary for the body’s normal growth. It contains magnesium, potassium, iron, and vitamin B6.

Most importantly, dates contain fructose, a natural type of sugar found in fruits. For this reason, dates are very sweet and used to create a subtle caramel-like taste in foods such as date squares

Rich Antioxidant Contents

This should have topped the list of date paste benefits. Antioxidants should be considered food ingredients. We included them in a separate group to further emphasize their importance. 

Studies show that dates have the highest antioxidant content compared to other fruits. 

One of the benefits of antioxidants is that they reduce the risk of several diseases, including diabetes, some types of cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. Antioxidants can also protect the cells from free radicals. 

Since dates have anti-inflammatory properties, eating date paste can improve brain health by reducing the risks of inflammatory diseases that may be harmful to brain function.

brown date paste
A bowl of brown date paste

Date Paste is Easy to Digest

Since dates are high in fiber, you can be sure that you won’t have any problem digesting date paste. Fiber promotes regular bowel movement and helps the digestive system. Therefore, people who may have problems digesting different foods, especially fruits, will be happy with this product. Moreover, fiber can control blood sugar too. That’s why eating dates won’t spike up the blood sugar so quickly. However, it is still recommended to keep an eye on the amount of date paste you eat in your daily diet.

Date Paste Can Improve Bone Health

Dates contain minerals, such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. All benefit the bones. Therefore, eating date paste can decrease the risk of bone-related conditions like osteoporosis.

What Are the Uses of Date Paste? 

Now that you have learned all about date paste benefits, you may wonder how you can use them to your advantage. Here are some useful ideas.

  • Date paste is usually used as an alternative to granulated sugar in sweet recipes. Therefore, you can make various cakes, desserts, sweets, and biscuits using it.
  • Date paste can add a distinctive sweet (sometime caramel-like) taste to salads.
  • It is also possible to consume it plain in the morning to store energy for the rest of the day.
  • People who like sweetness in their diet sometimes add date paste to different dishes, such as soups, stews, or sauces.
  • You can simply spread date paste on toast and eat it.
  • Date paste is a preferred ingredient for extreme diets, such as vegan and paleo diets.

Is Date Paste Good for People With Diabetes?

The answer is a sounding YES! People with diabetes should avoid eating foods that may spike blood sugar quickly. The amount of sugar in foods is measured by the glycemic index, called GI. There is a scale between 0 to 100 for this measurement that shows if a food is bad for diabetics or not. The GI between 0 to 55 is considered low, between 55 to 70 is moderate, and higher than 70 is high.

Fortunately, despite being as sweet as sugar, dates have a low GI of between 44 to 53, depending on the type of date. Therefore, even people with diabetes can enjoy date paste benefits provided they keep their consumption in moderation.


Date paste benefits are out of the question. It preserves all the goodness of dates with the added benefits of convenience and versatility. You do not need to bother with cleaning and washing every time you crave dates. And you still have an ingredient that tastes and smells exactly dates.

Do you use date paste in your daily diet?
How do you integrate it with other ingredients?
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